MSNBC Launches “Unruly” Andrea Mitchell Promo As Supporters Overrule Bill O’Reilly

By Greg Evans, Lisa de Moraes


A day after Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly called NBC’s Andrea Mitchell “unruly” for loudly questioning Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, MSNBC is using the Mitchell footage as one of its “This Is Who We Are” on-air promos.

On Tuesday, Mitchell was ushered out of a Tillerson photo op with Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkinon when she repeatedly posed questions about Russia that neither the Secretary of State nor the Foreign Minister acknowledged. The incident was caught on tape (watch it below), with Mitchell looking none too pleased as Tillerson staffers strong-armed her — gently and genially but strong-armed nonetheless — out of the room.

The incident might have quickly faded into just another Beltway brouhaha if O’Reilly hadn’t called Mitchell “unruly,” this week’s “Nevertheless She Persisted” moment. (A Fox spokesperson later told Mediaite that someone from O’Reilly’s website sent the tweet, not O’Reilly or the network.)

After O’Reilly’s “unruly” comment, responses arrived on cue, from Mitchell’s colleagues, rivals and various onlookers — including Dan Rather, Alec Baldwin (tersely posting from his ABFoundation) and Nancy Sinatra, who refrained from making a “These Boots Are Made for Walkin'” joke.

MSNBC quickly added Mitchell’s “unruly” moment to its “This Is Who We Are” on-air promos, joining Chuck Todd and his basketball skills and Chris Matthews’ passion for pugilism in the lineup.

But Mitchell no doubt herself had the best response to O’Reilly (or his website staffer). In case you missed it, here’s Mitchell’s Wednesday sign-off, courtesy of NBC News editor Bradd Jaffy:

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