Trevor Noah: “When I See Donald Trump, I See A Standup Comedian”

UPDATED with video: “When I see Trump, I see a standup comedian,” The Daily Show host Trevor Noah told CNN’s Van Jones on tonight’s The Messy Truth town hall series.

“He connects with audiences in the same way. He knows how to make you laugh in a moment when you didn’t think you would,” Noah continued. “He knows how to broach a topic in a way that no one normally can.”

Noah said he was particularly struck at the moment when, during his address to the Joint Session of Congress, Trump paid tribute to the widow of Navy Seal Ryan Owens in the hall. “Trump even told a joke!… And people laughed and connected. And I was like, ‘That is scary man – that is good!'”

During the show, Noah took the obligatory “Why do the Hollywood elite think that their opinions matter on the issue of politics, and that they represent the American people?” question from an Arizonan in the audience, who added, “And why do they think they can tell the American people how they should think?”

“I think the question you should ask, maybe, should be framed the other way: ‘Why have the American people given the Hollywood elites the impression for so long that they look to them to shape and give their opinions on their behalf?'” Noah shot back.

“We can’t deny that we live in a country where, if you are a celebrity, people are looking to you for those opinions. People report on it every day: ‘This celebrity said this about Trump; this celebrity said that,” he continued.

“And what happens if a celebrity doesn’t speak up? People say, ‘Why aren’t you using your platform? Why don’t you speak out?'” Noah explained. “And, when the person speaks out, they go, ‘Shut up. Don’t speak out!'”

Additionally, Noah advised the woman that “some people are idiots, whether a celebrity or not. People have to understand that.”

Turning to Jones, Noah said, “When people say ‘Hollywood elite’ I say, ‘Who is your president? Donald Trump is literally a reality TV star. He’s literally everything people say they hate.”

“Why would you hate the very thing that you have elected?”

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