Paulist Productions Makes Additions To Board Of Advisors

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Paulist Productions, the Catholic production company which last month announced an upcoming mini-series The Innocence of Joan Little, is building its Board of Advisors as it expands acquisition, development and production slates.

Chris Donahue, Paulist’s Productions President, said today that new board members will include Rich Hull (Executive Chairman and Co-Founder of Pongalo), Amy Lemisch (Executive Director of the California Film Commission), Lisa Niedenthal (eOne Television) and Phin Stubbs (Founder, Bellwether Investment Corporation).

Paulist Productions

Donahue said the new members “complement a strong group of advisors who are all forward thinking and help Paulist move beyond traditional boundaries.” Larry Thompson will continue as Chair of the Advisory Board that includes Vin Di Bona, Francie Calfo, Kelly Goode and Margaret Loesch.

Last month, Paulist announced a partnership with Will Packer Productions to develop and produce the Joan Little project, based on the James Reston Jr. book about the landmark trial and acquittal of a young black woman who was tried for capital murder in 1974 after stabbing her white jailer/rapist.

In December the company announced a co-financing and co-production agreement with Mar-Vista Entertainment, with the team now in pre-production on feature film Every Other Holiday. Paulist also has documentary The Dating Project, chronicling five single people in the social media age, planned for a fall release.





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