Sean Spicer Defends Donald Trump’s “I Love Wikileaks!” Campaign Remark After CIA Hack


The day after Wikileaks released thousands of pages of what purports to be CIA documents describing software tools for tapping into smartphones, smart TVs and computers, ABC News’ Cecilia Vega asked White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer: “Trump said, ‘I love Wikileaks!’ during the campaign. Doe he still feel that way?”

“There is a big difference between disclosing John Podesta’s Gmail accounts about a back-and-forth, and his undermining of Hillary Clinton and his thoughts on her of a personal nature, and the leaking of classified information,” Spicer insisted at Wednesday’s White House press briefing.

“There is a massive, massive difference between those two things,” he continued. “And I think the Interest and the outrage that occurred last year by a lot of Democrats, when it came to leaks, it’s interesting that we’re hearing not as much outrage now when it comes to some of our issues of national security.”

NBC News released the CIA’s full statement about Wikileaks’ latest information dump:


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