#DayWithoutAWoman: Hillary Clinton Urges Followers To “Resist” On Int’l Women’s Day + H’wood Support

UPDATE, 5:20 PM: Six months ago Hillary Clinton probably assumed she would be celebrating today’s International Women’s Day as America’s first female President of the United States. Well that didn’t happen, but now the ex-Secretary of State has taken to social media on A Day Without a Woman to spread a message that makes the fairly reticent, defeated candidate sound a lot like a leader in a resistance.

“There’s a lot to fight for, Planned Parenthood, education, healthcare, jobs,” Clinton said this afternoon on the recently IPO’d Snapchat. “Every issue is a women’s issue. So stand up, resist, run for office, be a champion,” she urged, dressed all in red, the color of the #DayWithoutAWoman movement

After sending out a tweet of support for the day this morning, this latest quick hit won’t be the last time the former First Lady will be talking publicly today. The near conclusion of Clinton’s International Women’s Day will come with a speech she is set to give at the Kennedy Center tonight for Vital Voices, a group she helped co-found.

Already seeing its stock declining after going public last week, Snapchat itself stumbled today with three International Women’s Day filters that got a fair degree of blowback. In one example, adding make-up to the filter that made fans into scientist Marie Curie. Frida Kahlo and civil rights pioneer Rosa Parks were the other two filters the social media video service offered on Wednesday. It should be added that Clinton did not use any of them for her video.

PREVIOUSLY, 8:44 AM: In the current political climate, today’s International Women’s Day comes with an extra edge as the movement that started with marches all over the country and the world the day after Donald Trump became president has declared A Day Without a Woman. The strike aims to display the pivotal role women play in our society and our economy and how often they are taken for granted.

Here in Hollywood, NBC and Netflix have told staffers that they are free to take the day off to celebrate and support the cause. Among others commemorating the day today, MTV turned its logo upside down, changing the “M” into a red “W.”

While seemingly on the job, a number of the industry’s leading ladies and a few fellas also have taken to social media to fly their flag for the day and show their colors — red specifically being the tone of A Day Without a Woman. Some took a swipe at POTUS, who unsurprisingly put out a tweet of his own earlier. Here’s a few of the voices we’ve heard today; we’ll be adding more throughout the day, and don’t hesitate to tell us if we missed someone.

Never missing a beat, Samantha Bee’s Full Frontal went full-on this morning:

Which was in part a response to Trump’s double shot on Wednesday morning:

Chelsea Handler and former House of Cards showrunner Beau Willimon had something to tell Trump too:

The woman who could have been America’s first female POTUS tweeted this:

Taking on Trump aside, celebration, pride and equality were the primary rallying calls today from Tinseltown:

One of the world’s leading crusaders for women’s rights and the co-founder of Ms. Magazine said:

Feud EP Ryan Murphy and California’s newest Senator kinda nailed it with these ones:

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