Mozart Meets Trump In Gotham Return Of Pro-Immigrant ‘¡Figaro! (90210)’

A mashup of Mozart’s The Marriage of Figaro music and a new English and Spanglish libretto by Vid Guerrerio, ¡Figaro! (90210), will run in April at New York’s Duke On 42nd Street theater. The show recasts the title character and his fiancée as undocumented Mexican workers in the Beverly Hills mansion where a real estate mogul and his actress wife reign. It’s set to play 15 performances from April 7-23, as a project of the nonprofit New 42nd Street. Presenters tell Deadline “the critically acclaimed production, which celebrates diversity and equality, will coincide with the end of the new president’s first 100 days in office,” and that it comes in response to immigration policy changes, mass deportations and the atmosphere of fear in many ethnically diverse American communities.

Figaro 90210

The show is described as “combining the original score with fresh, pop-culture references and up-to-the-minute slang, an amped-up, pared-down two-and-a-half hour musical that infuses the timeless comedy of the original with an especially timely political relevance.” ¡Figaro! (90210) is directed by Melissa Crespo, with music direction by Raphael Fusco and choreography by Stephanie Card.

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