President Donald Trump Is Bad Hollywood Satire, Rob Reiner Tells Chris Matthews After Speech

Donald Trump

Rob Reiner damned President Donald Trump with faint praise on Chris Matthews’ late-night edition of Hardball, crediting POTUS for reading his speech to the joint session of Congress.

“The problem he has, as far as I can see, is that he’s a pathological liar,” Reiner pivoted. “There’s nothing he says that you can believe. The guy never says anything that’s truthful… there is no way to believe what he says.”

“This is a man who has no understanding of how government works, who has no understanding of public policy and how that works,” Reiner continued. “He has no understanding of the world and the interconnected-ness of everything. So this is like we’re living in a dream world where if us out here in Hollywood would ever try to create a satire of a president, if we did this you’d go, ‘Oh that’s ridiculous – nobody would create a president like this!'”

“I still think we got the wrong envelope,” Matthews said, making an Oscar joke.

“Yes, Emma Stone would have been better,” Reiner snarked.

The two men agreed that Trump boasting about the length of the standing ovation given to the widow of U.S. Navy SEAL William “Ryan” Owens was “grotesque.”

“That’s in the context of the guy denying he ordered the mission!” Matthews bellowed.

“Not only denying the mission, but blaming the generals for messing it up!” Reiner jumped in. ” It was cringe-worthy, like the worst dramaturgy.”

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