Bill Maher To Chris Matthews: Donald Trump’s Speech To Congress “Will Fool A Lot Of People”


“It’s Teleprompter Trump,” Bill Maher said of President Trump’s speech to the joint session of Congress, on a special late-night edition of Hardball.

“There’s two Trumps. Every president, to a degree, talks out of two sides of their mouth. But this guy is on a level beyond what anybody’s seen,” Maher told host Chris Matthews. “Teleprompter Trump doesn’t match the off-the-cuff Trump and what they’re doing legislatively.  They’ve passed one law that said oil companies could take bribes overseas, and another one that said coal companies could dump their crap in the river. I don’t know how this helps the little guy.

“You can tell he’s never read the speech before, because he’ll get to the end of a line and go, ‘So true!'” Maher joked. “This time he actually looked like a president, because he was pretty practiced at it.”

“The bad part of this is, it will fool a lot of people,” Maher warned. “If you knew nothing about Donald Trump and…you just watched this, you would say, ‘Oh, there’s a Republican president… he looks like a fairly reasonable guy’.”

“This is what worries me and I think most Americans. You can’t have somebody who is diagnose-able, like this guy, with the narcissism and all the rest of it, and think it’s going to come out well for us,” Maher continued. “Somebody who sees things that aren’t there.

“And we see that he doesn’t know anything. He said the other day he’s just finding out health care is difficult.”


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