This Is Not A Joke: ‘La La Land’ Producer Jordan Horowitz Talks Oscars’ “Surreal Moment” On ‘GMA’


You might have heard about a little oopsie at the end of last night’s Oscarcast. Good Morning America certainly did, and it had La La Land producer Jordan Horowitz on via phone this morning to talk about it. He’s the guy who announced Moonlight’s belated Best Picture triumph to the world with already-infamous words, “This is not a joke.”


“It was a surreal moment for sure,” Horowitz told George Stephanopoulos in his first public remarks about the wild finish to the 89th Oscars in which La La Land initially was announced as Best Picture when Moonlight was the real winner. “I wanted to make sure that the right thing was done because, you know, at that point it was not about me. It was about making sure that Moonlight got the recognition it really deserves.”

The producer was slightly more relaxed than he was onstage Sunday night. While elating about his film’s faux Best Picture win, chaos erupted as the mistake was made clear. “There was a lot of confusion onstage, and at a certain point it was clear that the wrong envelope had been given,” Horowitz said on ABC’s morning program. “Then they kind of showed us the Best Picture envelope, and it said Moonlight, and that’s when I sort of jumped to the mic and made sure everybody knew what was going on. It was like this slow, steady realization that something wasn’t right. It needed to be corrected so we jumped in and did it.”

He said he had gotten to know Barry Jenkins and the rest of the Moonlight team during awards season. “As I said onstage, those guys are my friends,” Horowitz said. “I wanted to make sure they had their moment.”

Watch the interview above.

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