John Oliver Launches Campaign To Get Donald Trump Banned From Women’s Bathrooms

Donald Trump White House Correspondents Dinner

Once again John Oliver began an episode of HBO’s Last Week Tonight with the words:  “Unfortunately we must begin again with President Trump.”

This time it’s because President Donald Trump during the week laid out plans for an aggressive crackdown on immigration that could potentially spark a steep increase in deportation, Oliver said, describing it as “terrifying” even by Trump standards.

Trump’s new plan gives ICE agents much more latitude as to who they can pursue and deport, and includes hiring 15,000 additional border patrol and immigration officers agents and immigration officers. This may be tough, Oliver said, because they’re having so much difficulty filling existing posts there are about 2K vacancies.

“Immigration agent is the hardest job to fill after Personal Assistant to Mariah Carey,” Oliver revealed.

Even more alarming was Trump’s description of the new push as a “military operation” to get rid of “bad dudes.”

‘That is casual way to mention that you’re deploying the armed forces,” Oliver warned. “Luckily for everyone, Emmy-winning actress Melissa McCarthy was on hand to set the record straight,” he added. He was describing the White House press briefing, in which Press Secretary Sean Spicer gave the world’s least convincing explanation: Trump had used “military operation” as “an adjective” to mean it is happening with precision.

POTUS should be more precise with his words, Oliver suggested.

Trump also went after children last week, Oliver noted, referencing the withdrawal of the Obama administration’s federal guidelines on transgender bathroom use in public schools.

One by one, Oliver snarked, Trump is delivering on his promise to: Make Entire Subsets of the American Citizenry Concerned About Their Safety and Well-Being Again!

Anti-transgender rules, like bathroom bills, are “almost always rooted in deep sexual fear mongering – the idea that they would provide cover for predators to sneak into ladies locker rooms, despite the fact there is virtually no evidence of that happening,” the late-night host insisted.

What there are reports of, are of Trump himself barging in on women and teenagers who competed in his pageants while they changed their clothing – “something that, in characteristic style, he has both denied and been recorded on tape bragging about,” Oliver noted. And then he played one such clip, of Trump’s interview with Howard Stern in April of 2005.

“If we really want to protect women from predators, let’s stop wasting our time on pointless, vindictive bathroom laws and instead launch a military operation to ban the President himself from women’s rooms, nationwide,” Oliver urged.

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