Oscar Mean Tweets: Emma Stone, Jeff Bridges, Samuel L. Jackson & Others Taste The Pain

Jimmy Kimmel hosted the 89th annual Academy Awards tonight, so naturally he was going to do one of the most popular bits from his ABC late-night show: Enter “Mean Tweets: Oscar Edition.” Watch it above.


Meanwhile, here’s a sampling — read by the stars who were mentioned:

“Oh look at me, I’m Ryan Gosling. I have perfect bone structure and kind eyes. Go f*ck yourself, Ryan Gosling.”

“Samuel L. Jackson has resting fart face.”  Responded Jackson, “Yes I do.”

Emma Stone looks like a crack whore in every role she plays,” read the La La Land actress.

“Miles Teller has the face of guy who would request ‘Gangnam Style’ at a wedding where he doesn’t know either the bride or the groom.”

“I think Jeff Bridges wears pants a lot less than we all think he does.” Bridges joked: “That’s actually true.”

Erik Pedersen contributed to this report.

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