Eisner Busy Building Private Media Co.

We all heard the other day that Michael Eisner is an investor in the Internet TV network Veoh, an ad-supported YouTube-like consumer-generated video site that claims 4 million unique monthly users. Here’s more on what FrankenEisner is up to during his post-Disney days. Business Week reports that, more than a year after leaving the rat hole following 21 years, “thanks to the more than $1 billion in salary, bonuses, and stock options he raked in during his 21 years as Head Mouse, Eisner, 64, is quietly building a private media company. Freed from the prying eyes of shareholders and board members, Eisner can be Eisner–inking deals, acting snarky, and, well, being master of his own universe.” The mag says that universe is the five-person Tornante Co., staffed by an ex-Disney MBA and a coupla secretaries and dealmakers. Operating from Beverly Hills, Eisner, in addition to his stake in Veoh, “has gone all new media, plunking down an undisclosed sum to buy Team Baby Entertainment, which makes sport-themed DVDs for children… He got Regis Philbin and other buddies to lend their voices to Team Baby DVDs.” For Veoh, Eisner reportedly tracked down Jann Wenner, a former Disney partner in Us magazine, and persuaded him to put its celebrity sightings on Veoh’s new broadband Celebrity Channel. Interestingly, BW says it was Eisner who went to United Talent Agency and cut the deal whereby Veoh would create a special UTA site where aspiring filmmakers can post their work in the hopes that the agency will pick them up as clients. “The kicker for Veoh is that it will get a healthy piece of the site’s ad revenues thanks to some muscular deal-making by Eisner, ‘Hollywood people negotiate tough,’ marvels Veoh Chief Executive Dmitry Shapiro.” Eisner also is traveling the globe making speeches at about $100,000 a pop. One of his subjects: Leadership: Succeeding by Failing and Other Paradoxes.

This article was printed from https://deadline.com/2007/01/eisner-busy-building-private-media-co-1202/