Who Is The Social Media King Of Oscar Best Picture Nominees?


EXCLUSIVE: How did the Oscar Best Picture nominees move the social needle this year? Not surprisingly, one picture in particular ran circles around the rest of the pack. Last year, The Revenant was the social media king of all the nominees with the biggest social lift after getting nominated with a 10.9M jump in social media activity, according to RelishMix who compiles this information for Deadline.

This year, fans clearly connected to one movie that has already grossed about $340M worldwide at the box office: Lionsgate’s musical romancer La La Land which enjoyed the the biggest social lift by far with a SMU (Social Media Universe) boost of 41.3M across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube combined.

John Legend, Ryan Gosling - La La Land.jpeg

For La La Land, video views on YouTube alone were over 25M and musician John Legend was the top social driver over the past 28 days. In second place was TWC’s Lion with a social lift of 17.2M across social networks. Next up was Amazon’s Manchester By The Sea with a bump of 7.3M.

Compared to last year, social engagement is up 4x the amount. While The Revenant ran away with the biggest lift with 10.9M, Room was second with 4.3M and The Big Short with 3.7. Spotlight, which won the top Best Picture award last year, was up only 1.8M.

Here’s how it looks for all the Best Picture nominees:



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