Stephen Colbert Details Massacres That Have Not Occurred Since Donald Trump Took Office

Stephen Colbert

Donald Trump spoke over the weekend about the sobering news about a recent attack on one of our allies, Sweden,” Stephen Colbert said as he opened Late Show on Presidents Day.

“Tragically, Sweden is the third not-a-terrorist attack that has not shocked the world last month,” Colbert said somberly. “First, there wasn’t the Bowling Green Massacre. Then, no one was lost in Atlanta. And now, It’s not Sweden’s turn. When will it begin!”

Trump’s weekend campaign speech remark, about what happened Friday in Sweden, baffled many, including a former prime minister of that country who wondered what Trump had been smoking.

Trump, who has access to the latest daily intelligence briefings, explained, via Twitter, he got his latest intelligence report from As Seen On TV.

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