Judd Apatow Roasts Donald Trump In Stand-up Routine: “I Feel Like I’ve Just Been Raped”


Judd Apatow, edgy stand-up comic. The producer took the stage this weekend to deliver some pointed and blue remarks about the new American president — and, it turns out, the first family as well.

During a promo event for his new HBO show Crashing at the Regent Theater in downtown L.A., Apatow grabbed a mic and began laying into POTUS 45. He certainly got the crowd’s attention with these lines, per The Daily Beast: He said that after the election he felt like “a person about to get raped, but I didn’t know how bad it would be. [Now] I feel like I’ve just been raped and I just don’t know if I’m going to get murdered.”

He later turned to the First Lady, joking that he understands her reluctance to move into 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.: “Every day she’s not in the White House is a day she’s not getting f*cked by Donald Trump. Wouldn’t you stay away?”

The couple’s son also was called out, though Apatow didn’t exactly roast young Barron Trump: “He fucking gets it. You ever see the look on his face when Trump’s talking? People are like, ‘Is there something wrong with him?’ No — he knows his dad’s a f*cking asshole.”


Apatow later pointed out how Trump seems almost genetically incapable of laughing. “He only laughs when he makes someone feel bad,” the Big Sick producer and Trainwreck director said. “What does he do to laugh, just go on YouTube and watch Special Olympics bloopers?”

Some in the crowd were seen tipping waitresses and ordering veal after that one.

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