Milo Yiannopoulos Brings Out The Hate On Post-Show ‘Real Time With Bill Maher’ Segment – Update

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UPDATE with Overtime video: What tonight’s Real Time With Bill Maher lacked in vitriol, the show’s YouTube Overtime segment more than made up for. Breitbart Editor Milo Yiannopoulos falsely claimed that transgender people suffer “a psychiatric disorder” and shouldn’t be “around little girls,” eventually prompting curses from two of his three fellow panelists.

Comedian Larry Wilmore made up for the third panelist, Jack Kingston, by telling Yiannopoulos to “go f*ck” himself twice, once for making the baseless comments about transgender people, and again, for insulting Saturday Night Live‘s Leslie Jones.

The clip of Yiannopolous’ episode interview can be watched above. The Overtime segment is below.

The post-show panel discussion turned heated after Yiannopolous defended his prior public comments opposing transgender people using the bathrooms of their choice. He stunned Maher and Wilmore by falsely claiming that transgender people are “vastly disproportionately involved with sex crimes.”

When Wilmore and author Malcolm Nance took firm issue, Yiannopolous said to Maher, “We were having such a nice time but you always invite such awful people on your show. You need to start inviting higher-IQ guests.”

That prompted Wilmore’s first “you need to go f*ck yourself.” Wilmore repeated the suggestion in defending Jones, whom Yiannopolous had once called “barely literate.”

Wilmore then came to the defense — not that he needed to — of fellow panelist Nance, terrorism expert and author of The Plot To Hack America. “He can talk circles around your pathetic, douchey little ass,” Wilmore said.

Former Republican congressman Kingston — who earlier today tweeted that he looked forward to tonight’s show — joined the fray by praising the First Amendment and saying, “Milo, go for it, brother.”

At one point during the Overtime segment, Maher attempted an almost mentorly stance. “Look, this is the beginning of your career,” he told Yiannopolous. “People are just starting to hate you. You remind me of a young, gay, alive Christopher Hitchens, but you gotta lose that kind of sh*t. This guy (Nance) has done things that allow you to f*cking live.”

Nance then posed a question of his own. “Are you the real, true face of the alt-right?” he asked. “I thought the Nazis were in there, how did they take you on board?”

“They hate me,” Yiannopolous countered, adding, “The worst people on the very far left and the very far right all hate me.”

“I think you’re leaving out a lot of people,” said Wilmore.

The Overtime segment packed the level of acrimony and invective all but missing from the broadcast episode, the sort of diatribe journalist Jeremy Scahill likely anticipated when he dropped out of the show earlier this week.

Calling himself “a virtuous troll,” Lena Dunham “awful,” Scahill “a silly man who had a hissy fit” and Donald Trump “fabulous,” Yiannopoulos came off as more insult comic than political provocateur during the on-air episode.

Interviewed by Maher in a one-on-one, top-of-show appearance, Yiannopoulos likely surprised anyone who’d only heard of — but never seen — him. “You look like Bruno,” Maher said, referring to the flamboyantly gay Sacha Baron Cohen character.

Yiannopoulos shot back, blaming the show’s make-up artist, “You know, I told her to dial down the contouring but she didn’t listen.”

In black jeans, black jacket, blond tips, wrist bangles and multi-strand pearls, Yiannopoulos  kicked things off by expressing befuddlement over his controversial reputation. “I’m lovely,” he said.

Maher then brought up some of Yiannopoulos’ past controversies, including the fact that, despite being openly gay (“Spoiler alert,” Maher sniped), Yiannopoulos  has gone on record opposing the hiring of gay people. “Too much drugs, too much sex — not as bad as women though,” Yiannopoulos  responded.

When the crowd ooh’d, Yiannopoulos said, “Kidding. You’re very easily triggered.”

While Yiannopoulos’ tone at first seemed more Joan Rivers than Steve Bannon — Maher spelled out the Rivers comparison with examples of Joan’s wicked jokes — the Real Time guest doubled-down when Maher took issue with his insults against Dunham, Sarah Silverman and Amy Schumer. “They were funny before they contracted feminism,” Yiannopoulos said.

Milo Yiannopoulos on Bill Maher Real Time
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Insisting that humor isn’t about “driving people apart,” Yiannopoulos repeatedly fell back on the just-a-joke bit. “When I had a Twitter it was the funniest thing in America,” he said.

As for his critics, Yiannopoulos said, “I get off on it. I love it. I’m a little broken,” with Maher (initially) wondering what all the fuss was about. “He’s an impish British (insert gay epithet here).”

Later, during the YouTube Overtime segment, Yiannopoulos crowed over eliciting curses from both Wilmore and Nance, pleading with Kingston for a unanimous tally and suggesting that he’d pleasure himself later thinking about the outbursts. Kingston declined.

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