Donald Trump Tweets Media “Sick” And “Enemy Of American People” After Delivering Entirely Sane Speech At Boeing


President Donald Trump came this close to giving an entirely presidential performance today.

So presidential did Trump sound when he spoke to employees at a Boeing plant in South Carolina that even his greatest GOP critic, Ana Navarro, was seen on CNN enthusing that he should stay out on the road. “That’s’ where he’s happiest. He’s been cooped up in the White House, without Melania, without friends, obsessing over Don Lemon and CNN, and every news program, and just stewing – like a caged lion,” she observed, suggesting his handlers “let the guy loose” on the country.

A couple hours later, however, Trump tweeted this, apropos of it’s unclear what in the news cycle:

That’s actually the second edition of that tweet; he’d pulled down the first, which was nearly identical except in that it ended with: “SICK!” Trump apparently decided that was too much – even for him – and edited it out with the re-post.

Standing in front of a Boeing 787 Dreamliner,  Trump delivered a speech in which he said he was there to “celebrate engineering and American manufacturing. We are also here to celebrate jobs.”

Big applause.

“On every front we are going to work for the American people…My focus has been all about jobs and jobs is one of the primary reasons I’m standing her today as your president, and I will never ever disappoint you.”

“Working together as a unit there is nothing we cannot accomplish. No task too large, no dream too great, no goal beyond our reach…We are going to rebuilt this country and ensure every forgotten community has the bright future it deserves. And, by the way, those communities are forgotten no longer – the election took care of that.”


Navarro approved, especially coming, as it did, one day after his unhinged news conference at which he told a reporter for a Jewish magazine to sit down and shut up after being asked how he would handle the country’s rise in anti-Semitism; asked a black reporter to set up a meeting with the Black Congressional Caucus; and bellowed “Quiet!” at other reporters who mistook the gathering for a Q&A when it clearly was a piece of Presidential Performance Art.

“Yesterday he was all over the place; today he was focused, and relevant,” Navarro gushed. “He didn’t talk about the electoral college vote. He didn’t talk about the 3 [million] to 5 million illegal aliens voting. He didn’t talk about fake news!” she enthused.

Too soon, as it turns out.

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