The Morning After: Daybreak Shows Stand Ground After President’s Critiques


April Ryan, the African American reporter who essentially was asked yesterday by President Donald Trump for a hook-up with her friends on the Congressional Black Caucus, continued going high in her response this morning. “I want to believe he wasn’t thinking what everybody’s thinking,” Ryan said on MSNBC today, referring to the social media barrage accusing Trump of thinking all black people know each other. (“Do all orange people know each other?” Seth Meyers asked last night).

“I just want to believe in a better day in 2017,” Ryan said today on Morning Joe, sidestepping, as she did on last night’s news shows, the chance to hit back. (Watch her response above.)

The response was a rarity on a morning when cable news shows pretty much fell in line with Trump’s broad-brush depictions during yesterday’s free-range press conference.

“You can’t believe,” Mika Brzezinski advised Ryan when the American Urban Radio Networks reporter gave Trump the benefit of the doubt. “You have to look at what you see and what you saw yesterday was a hmmm show,” the “hmmm” being Brzezinski’s self-bleep for a vulgarity.

On CNN’s New Day, co-host Chris Cuomo took issue with, among other things, the official White House story about the recent resignation of Michael T. Flynn as National Security Adviser, specifically “this ridiculous notion that the president, who calls us fake, listened to us and responded to our reporting and so forced someone to resign.”

And over on Fox & Friends – the president’s unrivaled favorite (“They have the most honest morning show,” Trump said yesterday) – co-host Steve Doocy broached the possibility that some Trump voters might be having morning-after jitters. About Congress.

“What worries a lot of people who voted for Trump,” Doocy said, “is that he’s done as much as he can with the time he’s had, with the executive orders, but is Congress going to squander this unique time when the Republican Party has the White House, the Senate and the Congress?”

But Fox & Friends did point out the growing anger over the Wall: Seems some neighbors of Barack Obama aren’t thrilled with the stone barrier he’s putting up around his new Washington D.C. rental home.


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