Samantha Bee: “Great Unchecked Legislative F*ckfest” Targets Wildlife In Thursday Vote


“We are only one menstrual cycle into this presidency and there is blood in the water,” Samantha Bee said at the top of Full Frontal in a nod to our president having said during the first GOP debate that he could see blood coming out of moderator Megyn Kelly’s “wherever.”

Trump is keeping us very distracted with reports of his aides having communication with Russian intelligence during the campaign – a situation so serious it caused Joe Scarborough to mention a past event in Washington, on MSNBC, without making it a story about himself, Bee marveled.

But, “while we were all staring directly at the total eclipse of national security and democratic norms, we have been blind to the Republican Congress going hog wild, like Amish twins on rumspringa,” Bee warned. Already coal companies have been told they can now dump debris into nearby streams. Also, moving to “modernize” the endangered species list. And, on Thursday, the “great unchecked legislative f*ckfest” will take steps to allow the killing of bears in dens as they hibernate, allow the use of aircraft to scout and shoot bears on wildlife refuges, okay hunting wolf pups in dens, etc. The National Rifle Association and Safari Club International are advocating.

“Trump will sign any animal death warrant the Republican Congress puts in front or before him, as long as it doesn’t threaten the Tufted Titmouse,” Bee observed, as this message flashed on the screen:

“Swear to god, this is what Congress is voting on tomorrow: H.J. Res 69.”

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