Donald Trump Is Khaleesi And Country Is Burning, Jimmy Kimmel Tells David Muir

David Muir on Jimmy Kimmel Live Donald Trump

Saturday’s rally in Florida that the White House announced Wednesday afternoon is a campaign rally for President Donald Trump’s re-election in four years, ABC News anchor David Muir told Jimmy Kimmel last night his late-night show, as they discussed Trump’s reactions to reports that his aides communicated with Russian intelligence during his first presidential campaign.

“Instead of talking about these particular intelligence leaks, these reports of possible communications with Russian intelligence,” Muir said, “he didn’t answer questions on that today but did confirm that they’re going to hold a campaign rally on Saturday. They’re going to begin campaigning for the second term on Saturday.

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“I’m not making this up,” Muir assured Kimmel after the late-night host reacted with understandable incredulity. That might be because Trump had tweeted back in 2011 that while the country was “blowing up,” President Obama was “out campaigning” and wondered: “Does @BarackObama ever work? He is constantly campaigning and fundraising – both on the taxpayer’s dime and time – not fair!”

Saturday’s campaign evening will be held at a hangar at Orlando-Melbourne International Airport, where Trump held a rally in September.

Kimmel had asked about the reports that Trump’s aides had been in communications with Russian intel while he was running for the White House, and the recent exit of Michael Flynn as National Security Adviser. Hours before the Jimmy Kimmel Live taping, Trump had said Flynn was treated “very unfairly” by the “fake news” and reiterated his position that the real story of Flynn is the leaking of information.

Muir reminded Kimmel that, during the campaign, Trump was a huge fan of Wikileaks because it was Hillary Clinton who was taking that “incoming fire.”


“Now, with these leaks about Trump aides having contact with Russian intelligence during the campaign, the president and his team are learning very quickly how to handle this,” Muir said.

“I don’t feel like he feels incoming fire,” Kimmel shot back. “I feel like he’s Khaleesi; he just walks through the fire and sets more things on fire and everything burns except for him!

“I’m envisioning him naked on a dragon now. I don’t know why,” Kimmel said, continuing to draw his Trump White House as Game of Thrones picture.

Muir insisted that Americans are a “a lot more engaged than they were before the election. … Whatever end of the [political] spectrum you are on, people are definitely more engaged than they have been in many, many years.”

Replied Kimmel, “We have not been this engaged since the Civil War.”

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