‘SNL’: Melissa McCarthy Returns, With Kate McKinnon As Jeff Sessions


Updated with video A podium-riding, gum-chewing Melissa McCarthy reprised her wildly popular Sean Spicer impression on Saturday Night Live tonight, opening the Alec Baldwin-hosted episode with a not-subtle shout-out to the real Spicer.

“I’ve been told to cut down on my gum chewing,” McCarthy as “Spicey” said, referring to Spicer’s jocular critique earlier this week.

McCarthy’s irate, sputtering Spicer used dolls to explain Donald Trump’s proposed travel ban (Barbie got through, Moana didn’t), shilled for Ivanka’s retail line (including high heel shoes and Home Shopping Network-type graphics), and chastised the press for not reporting on terrorist attacks like the Bowling Green Massacre (“not the Kellyanne one, the real one”) and “the Night They Drove Old Dixie Down.”

Joining McCarthy was Kate McKinnon, continuing with the gender-reversal by playing a mumbling Jeff Sessions. “We all know there are two kinds of crime,” McKinnon said before getting shoved aside by McCarthy, “regular and black.”

After taking a leaf-blower to Cecily Strong’s questioning reporter, McCarthy’s Spicer rode his podium, Segway-style, into the gathering of journalists.

The real Spicer didn’t Tweet during the show, but earlier Saturday he wasn’t showing a sense of humor about CNN’s report that he’d been gifted with “Super Soakers” by staffers. On last week’s SNL, McCarthy’s Spicey turned the water guns on reporters.

Maybe this week he’ll get a doll or two:

Here’s the gum-chewing moment:

McKinnon didn’t ignore her Kellyanne Conway character, resurrecting the routine in a Fatal Attraction take-off, with Beck Bennett’s Jake Tapper the object of her obsession. And resurrection is the right word – as the sketch’s surprise and terrific ending makes clear. Deadline will post video when it’s available.

Baldwin’s Trump finally arrived, in a People’s Court sketch pleading his case against federal court judges, with Beck Bennett’s Vlad Putin as a witness, high-fiving the Grim Reaper Bannon on his way to testify.





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