Samantha Bee Learns Secret To Thwarting Donald Trump, In Scotland


Full Frontal sent correspondent Amy Hoggart to Scotland to learn about resisting oppression from people who have been resisting Trump since he built Trump International Golf Links in their country. More than a decade ago, he descended on the country promising to create  6,000 job and telling TV reporters, “I’m an artist and this is probably the greatest piece of canvas that anybody’s ever worked on.”

“Ugh, why is it always failed artists,” Hoggart groans.

First, she speaks to Michael Forbes, the farmer who famously refused to sell Trump his land, getting in the way of his plans. Forbes advised that when Trump’s opening line was: “What is the land worth? $25 an acre?” he knew “in 10 seconds, he was an assh*le” and said, “In your f*cking dreams.”

While Trump took to the media to spread word Forbes was living in “disgusting conditions…lives in a pig-like atmosphere,” Forbes says “I was laughing about it. He’s a clown; I love pissing him off,” and painted anti-Trump messages on the side of his barn. Trump set about sending the government to seize his land, a portion of which, Hoggart reports, a Scottish researcher working in Antarctica at the time offered to buy, so that officials would have to travel quite a spell to come see him about it.

Trump turned his attention to the windmills that were being built and obstructed his view, spouting all manner of data about what a bad idea they were, and insisting to local officials “I am the evidence” when they asked for some.

Protests around his golf course have been colorful, if not terribly effective, and not nearly on the same scale as here, in which neighbors began flying Mexican flags, and one woman was arrested for urinating on his golf course. Still, Trump insisted the locals love him because he loves “The Scotch.” Hoggart went to a local pub to find out how they really felt.

Among their observations:
Spoiled baby
F**kin’ prick

Hoggart reports Forbes still has his farm and he says Trump’s golf course is not doing as well as might have been hoped. Forbes’ advice for the United States:

“Just keep pissing him off. An asshole’s always an asshole…keep pissing him off and he’ll crack up and he will end up in a padded cell.”

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