Hollywood Reacts To Betsy DeVos Confirmation As Education Secretary

Associated Press

Hollywood types were quick to react to today’s (sorta) nail-biter confirmation of Betsy DeVos as Donald Trump’s Secretary of Education. Her Senate hearings last month were a trainwreck – senator and Saturday Night Live alum Al Franken called her “the most incompetent Cabinet-level nominee I have ever seen” – but only two Republicans voted against the party line. With the two independents joining the Democrats, that led to a 50-50 tie in the Senate, which was broken today in historic fashion by Vice President Mike Pence.

United States Senator Al Franken Betsy DeVos Confirmation Hearing, Washington DC, USA - 17 Jan 2017 Labor and Pensions hearing considering the confirmation of Betsy DeVosto be US Secretary of Education on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. (Rex Features via AP Images)

DeVos, who was born into a billionaire family then married into another, admitted during her hearing that her family might have contributed as much as $200 million to the GOP over the years. So what does it all mean? A woman who never attended public school, never sent her kids to one and has displayed a disturbing lack of knowledge America’s public school system now is in charge of the whole thing. Oh, and she has been vocal for years about supporting for-profit charter schools and vouchers.

Well, at least she supports having guns on campuses to, you know, protect the kids from grizzlies. Anyway, here’s what some industry players are saying about our new Education Secretary:

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