Donald Trump Super Bowl Interview With Bill O’Reilly Nets 12.2 Million Viewers

Fox News

UPDATED with more data: President Donald Trump’s 10 minute pre-Super Bowl interview with Fox News star Bill O’Reilly snagged more than 12 million viewers on Fox broadcast network, according to Nielsen fast national stats.

This comes up short compared stats for former POTUS Barack Obama’s pre-Super Bowl sit downs. But, among the important variables, the annual pre-game POTUS chat’s proximity to the actual Super Bowl impacts the interview’s audience size in no small way. And Trump’s first pre-game POTUS chat aired at 4 PM ET; the game started at 6:45 PM ET.

For comparison: Obama’s first pre-Super Bowl chat, on NBC, netted nearly 22 million viewers. And, O’Reilly’s pre-game slugfest with Obama, in 2011, bagged 17.3M viewers.

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