Sean Hannity & Donald Trump Wonder How David Muir Would Feel About Waterboarding If His Child Was Kidnapped

Fox News

Fox News Channel’s Sean Hannity landed the second interview with Donald Trump since he was was sworn in as president, and it will air tonight. ABC News’ David Muir landed the first interview. This appears not to sit well with Hannity who, well into his sit-down, noted to POTUS, “Waterboarding, black sites came up in your interview last night.”

“And I was thinking, if I had an opportunity to speak with David Muir, I’d say, ‘OK, two guys go into your house. They kidnap your child. One guy gets away with your child. You tackle the other guy. That guy knows where your child is. … You don’t waterboard that guy?'”

Trump appeared to try to turn the conversation away from Muir, answering: “So waterboarding used to be used, because they said it really wasn’t torture. It was one step slightly below torture.”

“That’s why it was legal,” Hannity added.

“Torture is real torture, OK?” Trump concurred.

“I’m sure it’s not pleasant, but waterboarding was just short of torture,” Trump continued, though it was pretty clear that, in speaking to Hannity on the topic, he was preaching to the choir.

“All of a sudden, they make it torture,” Trump complained.

The two men continue to discuss the merits of waterboarding, as they saw it. Trump began to complain about how when “they go into a nightclub and they machine gun everybody down … they were not allowed to waterboard,” which, he said, “seems so foolish and so naive. But this is what we have to put up with. But, here’s the story –”

ABC News

Suddenly, Hannity interrupted the president, pivoting back to Muir who, to recap, had landed the first sit-down interview with the newly sworn-in President Trump.

“I would ask David Muir, if they kidnapped your kid and you have one of the kidnappers, what would you do to get the location of your child?” Hannity said.

“Or, would you want him to talk in 48 hours from now, by being nice to him, OK?” Trump added, joining in on the ghoulish hypothetical.

“It’s over. It’s over at that point,” Hannity said, of this scene he and Trump were now writing.

“And, by that time, it’s too late,” added Trump. “So, I’m not into it.”

We’ve reached out to ABC News to see if they would like to comment.

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