Carl Reiner Recalls Casting Mary Tyler Moore As Laura Petrie, In 2013 ‘Conan’ Interview


Carl Reiner in 2013 talked to Conan OBrien about casting Mary Tyler Moore in her first big TV role, as Laura Petrie, wife of Rob, on The Dick Van Dyke Show. The series ran from 1961-66 on CBS. “I saw 26 girls!” he told Conan of the difficulty in casting the role. Reiner said he was struck with Moore and her “great gams.” Her reading sealed the deal.

“I grabbed the top of her head and said ‘Come with me,'” Reiner told Conan in re his reaction to her audition. “I walked her down the hall to [series producer Sheldon Leonard] and said ‘I found her!'”

Moore died today at the age of 80.

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