White House: Donald Trump Continues To Believe 3 Million-5 Million Votes Cast Illegally In Election He Won

Sean Spicer
Associated Press

White House press secretary Sean Spicer spent much of today’s press briefing answering questions as to whether President Trump believes he lost the popular vote because of 3-5 million votes that were cast illegally. Trump handily won the electoral college vote while Hillary Clinton won the popular vote.

“He continues to maintain that belief,” Spicer said, “based on studies and evidence that people have presented to him.” while declining to provide any evidence for those claims nor any announcement of pans to investigate.

Trump had opened a Monday late-day bi-partisan congressional meeting saying he would have won the popular vote had it not been for 3-5 million illegally cast votes. That left Spicer cleaning up after his boss at today’s White House press briefing. Spicer notably was sporting a dark suit, as he had on Monday, and color saturated blue and yellow striped tie. Axios and WaPo reported this morning the White House may be reconsidering Spicer’s role, citing sources who say Trump is concerned whether he is  sufficiently telegenic. Trump reportedly also questioned Spicer’s choice of light grey suit on Saturday when he was sent out to blast the press for its reporting on Trump’s inaugural crowd size.

At today’s presser, NPR’s Mara Liasson noted that, should Trump’s stats be proved true, it would constitute election fraud of astronomical proportions, the “biggest scandal in American electoral history, ” asking Spicer why he has not announced that Trump has ordered an investigation.

“Maybe we will… We’ll see where we go from here,” Spicer said. “But right now the focus the president has is on putting Americans back to work. It was a comment he made on a longstanding belief.”

CNN’s Jeff Zeleny asked Spicer if Trump is comfortable with his win” if he believes there was such widespread voter fraud and wondered if  “maybe he didn’t win if that’s the case.”

“He’s very comfortable with his win,” Spicer assured. “It’ an electoral based system; he got 306 electoral votes; 33 of 50 states voted for him.”

“What does that mean for democracy, though?” Zeleny persisted.

“It means I’ve answered your question,” Spicer quipped, winning that round.

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) this morning “begged” Trump to knock off the rannygazoo and act presidential, marveling, “We’re talking about man who won the election and seems to be obsessed with the idea he could not have possibly lost the popular election without cheating and fraud.”

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