Ewan McGregor Scraps UK Talk Show Visit Over Piers Morgan Women’s March Barbs


UPDATE, WRITETHRU with more detail: Shortly before he was due to appear on ITV’s Good Morning Britain today, Ewan McGregor pulled out of the interview, citing comments made about this weekend’s Women’s March by host Piers Morgan. A supporter of President Donald Trump, Morgan yesterday on the program described some of the women who marched as “rabid feminists” and said he didn’t “see the point of the march(es)” which he called “generic” and “vacuous.”

On Twitter this morning, McGregor, who is out promoting Trainspotting sequel T2: Trainspotting, wrote, “Was going on Good Morning Britain, didn’t realise Piers Morgan was host. Won’t go on with him after his comments about #WomensMarch.”

On his Twitter account (whose timeline photo is of he and Trump), Morgan responded by saying McGregor is “just an actor after all.”

Morgan also tweeted he expected McGregor was reacting to his Monday column in the Daily Mail in which he called himself “a feminist,” but decried comments made by Madonna on Saturday saying, “I can’t abide the feminazis, the radical, extreme feminists like Madonna.”

On Tuesday, Morgan took to the middle-market UK tabloid to launch a vicious attack on McGregor where he referred to the actor as “unprofessional” and “disingenuous.”

“An actor who had contractually agreed to appear on a TV show to promote his new film pulls out at the last minute because he doesn’t like the political opinion of one of the presenters,” said Morgan.

Morgan said that after scrolling through McGregor’s Twitter feed, it “revealed a man absolutely enraged by both Donald Trump’s ascent to the presidency, and by Britain’s decision to leave the European Union.” He added: “His fury at the latter may strike some as slightly disingenuous given that McGregor himself quit the EU years ago to go and live the life of a pampered millionaire movie star in Hollywood. But I’ll leave others to decide whether that is hypocritical or not.”

The presenter continued his tirade by taking a swipe at celebrities who take the podium to make “political statements that remain unchallenged,” which he says was “typified by Meryl Streep’s extraordinarily pompous and elitist anti-Trump speech at the recent Golden Globes.”

Morgan even suggested that those who voted for Trump or for Brexit to “now boycott his movies” before criticizing McGregor for being “paedophile-loving” due to the fact he worked on Roman Polanski’s film The Ghostwriter.

A spokesperson for Good Morning Britain told the BBC today that McGregor “came into GMB this morning to be interviewed about his new film but decided not to go ahead with it.”

Per the Guardian, Morgan said on the telecast this morning, “Sorry that Ewan McGregor’s not here. He couldn’t bear the thought of being on the sofa with me because he doesn’t agree with me about the women’s march… I have to agree with what an actor thinks about a particular issue because they’re actors. And as we know actors’ views are more important than anybody else’s.”

McGregor’s daughters had marched on Saturday.

The long-awaited Trainspotting sequel reunites director Danny Boyle with McGregor, Robert Carlyle, Jonny Lee Miller and Ewen Bremner. The world premiere was held earlier this week in Edinburgh with the UK release coming Friday via Sony.

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