Actor Fatally Shot While Filming Music Video In Brisbane, Australia

Photo by DAVE HUNT/EPA/REX/Shutterstock

A young actor has been shot dead during the filming of a music video in Brisbane, Australia. According to reports, Johann Ofner, who was in his mid-20s, suffered a chest wound inside the Brooklyn Standard bar in Brisbane’s city center while shooting a scene for Australian rap group Bliss N Eso’s new music video. Queensland police said several firearms had been discharged during the filming on Monday afternoon just before 2pm local time.

Police have launched a criminal investigation into the death, and Inspector Tom Armitt told reporters in the city, “During the filming of that scene several firearms were used and as a result of the use of those firearms one of the actors has received wounds to the chest and has subsequently died from those injuries.

“We do not know specifically how these injuries occurred at this point in time and that’ll be the subject of our investigation.”

Armitt said that “a number of bullets” were used during filming but he could not confirm whether it was live ammunition or what type of ammunition was used.

The band, who were not on the set at the time, issued a statement saying: “The video production crew and our team are currently working with the police in their investigation and we are unable to provide further comment at this time.”

Universal/Legendary’s sci-fi sequel Pacific Rim: Uprising, starring John Boyega, had been filming in the same area during the last few weeks but a spokesman said that the incident was entirely unrelated as the set for that pic was closed on Monday.

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