Donald Trump Hits Hollywood At Women’s March, Rejoices Over Inauguration Ratings


There’s a dispute over how many people showed up for Donald Trump’s inauguration but today the President wanted to set the record straight about the TV ratings for the ceremony as well as hit Hollywood over the massively attended Women’s Marches all across the nation yesterday.

Designated to at least partially set the media table for the rest of the day, the 45th POTUS took to his personal digital bully pulpit early Sunday morning:

It’s unclear which “celebs” specifically the ex-Celebrity Apprentice host is referring to but that might be the point as Trump has drawn his own culture line against the generally Democrat supporting Tinseltown for a long time. Certainly, his tweet implies that the cable news carried outburst of profanity by Madonna on Saturday during her speech at the Women’s March in Washington D.C. didn’t do the anti-Trump forces any favors.

While the official @POTUS Twitter handled was silent on the topic today, the President’s personal feed followed his first remarks on the Women’s Marches later Sunday with a much more measured tweet:

From many years in primetime on NBC, during the campaign and since, Trump has never hid his preoccupation with TV ratings. He accused the media of distorting the attendance at his swearing in while at the CIA yesterday and ratings are obviously still something on his mind in the early hours of the early days of his Presidency:

Displaying how Trump is never shy to compare apples to avocadoes, the ratings analysis to the second inauguration of Barack Obama on January 20, 2013 shows that other Trump line of winning – even if he is the only one playing that particular game. With no new kid in town, traditionally second inaugurations tend to see lower TV numbers and few, if any, have compared the viewership that Trump’s first inauguration drew to the second swearing in of Obama – except Donald Trump.

However, when compared first time to first time, past Emmy nominee Trump was down nearly 7 million viewers overall from when the 44th President was sworn in on January 20, 2009 – a time at least somewhat comparable to the multi-channel and multi-platform era of today.

Alec Baldwin didn’t show up to play Trump in the opening of Saturday Night Live last night so doubtful the new President will be slamming the NBC late night show today – but who really knows?

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