‘Before I Fall’ Star Zoey Deutch On Her Character’s Surprising Journey Toward Redemption — Sundance Studio

Michael Buckner/Deadline

A filmmaker known largely for 2012’s Nobody Walks—a 2012 Grand Jury Prize nominee starring Olivia Thirlby and John Krasinski—filmmaker Ry-Russo Young is back at Sundance in 2017 with Before I Fall, a young adult drama based on Lauren Oliver’s bestselling novel.

Set for distribution by Open Road Films for a March 3 release, Before I Fall follows a day in the life of Sam (Zoey Deutch), a popular high schooler with everything going for her who gets into a fatal car accident. Waking up in bed after this tragedy, Sam relives the day over and over again, in horrific Groundhog Day fashion, until she can untangle the mystery around her death, and learn the lessons she needs to learn.

“It was one of the few scripts that I’d ever read that really surprised me while reading it, that had an authenticity, but also I thought it was going one way, and it completely pivoted and went another way. I thought that was rare,” Russo-Young told me at Deadline’s Sundance studio, sitting down with Deutch and other cast members.

Deutch, meanwhile, meditated on the journey of Sam and the lessons she has to learn to become the person she is meant to be. “It’s a journey of becoming who she wants to be, questioning her choices and the way she treats other people,” Deutch said. “Her journey also feels like a meditation on time and love and appreciation.”

Take a look at the video exclusive above to hear more of Deadline’s conversation with the film’s stars, including Elena Kampouris, Medalion Rahimi, Logan Miller,  Kian Lawley, Cynthy Wu, Liv Hewson, and Jennifer Beals.

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