Donald Trump Treats Trump International Hotel Guests To First Look At First Family Walking Inaugural Parade Route


To the surprise of, well, maybe no one, President Donald Trump savvily waited until his armored vehicle was in front of Trump International Hotel to treat America to the sight of the New First Family walking the Inaugural Parade route from the Capitol to the White House.

Trump, First Lady Melania Trump and their 10-year-old son Barron stepped out of the vehicle, known as the Beast, and waved to the mostly supporters who lined the route. They walked about three minutes and then got back into the SUV to continue the parade, Barron’s face pressed up against the window.

Pool press reports noted that Trump’s presidential parade was running the traditional hour behind schedule; that crowds lined both sides of the parade route, about five-deep on each side; and that pool press are riding a flatbed truck in front of Trump’s vehicle.



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