More Than 200 Arrested But Protests Don’t Trump Inaugural Festivities

At least 200 people were arrested today in Washington D.C. during a large scale protest of the inauguration of President Donald Trump. Several demonstrations happened in Washington, with some turning riotous, resulting in a limousine being set on fire blocks away from the inaugural events. Approximately a mile from the National Mall, where the swearing in ceremony was held, police chased after at least 100 demonstrators, while still others broke windows of local businesses, including a Starbucks, and a Bank of America.

The confrontations kicked off an hour before Trump was sworn in, increasing in intensity throughout the afternoon. Police reportedly used pepper spray, batons and full riot gear during the melee. Demonstrators represented a broad swath of causes including opposition to capitalism, anti-racism, and others.

Despite the intensity of the demonstrations however, the protests did not interrupt the swearing-in ceremony itself, which was cordoned off by ecurity checkpoints and the usual amount of security associated with public appearances by the President of the United States.

The demonstrations provided an odd counterpoint to the joyless, often angry speech Trump gave after being sworn in – Trump described American cities as “American carnage”, referring to a high crime rate that, incidentally, does not exist, as crime rates nationwide are at their lowest levels in decades, aside from specific exceptions.

Large scale protests organized by women’s groups are planned in several cities tomorrow, including New York, and Los Angeles.

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