Hollywood Reacts To Trump Inauguration: “Country Is Lost”, Tweets Alec Baldwin; Scott Baio Proud To Be “Deplorable”


Refresh for updates Alec Baldwin says the country is lost, his brother Stephen has a different take, Chris Rock offers a time-change reminder (era-change, actually), and Scott Baio is proud to be among the “deplorables.” Celebrities, pundits and politicians began processing their reactions to President Donald Trump’s inauguration speech today, and, not surprisingly, responses ranged from as stinging as anything put out by the Tweeter-in-Chief over the past year-plus (might not want to open D.L. Hughey’s with the kids around) to words of hope. Nancy Sinatra, who’s been critical of Trump, took to Twitter to hope for the best and correct reports that she was angry over the use of her dad’s “My Way” during inauguration celebrations (just joking, she said about her reported displeasure). And one prominent politico seems to be referencing TV’s Designated Survivor

Here’s a sampling, and we’ll add more as Day 1 progresses.


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