Stephen Colbert Brings Back Alter Ego To Thank President Obama

UPDATED with video: “Anyone who thinks they can sum up the last eight years in a few minutes would have to be a delusional egomaniac,” Stephen Colbert said on tonight’s Late Show, by way of bringing back his much loved conservative gasbag caricature, also known as  Stephen Colbert.

“Well, well, well,  at long last our America-hating, secret Muslim, lead-from-behind, terrorist fist-bumping, hopey-changey apologist in in chief is leaving office, Gasbag Colbert began.

But, before he spoke, Actual Colbert double-checked to make sure this Gasbag Colbert is not Comedy Central’s Gasbag Colbert, but his identical twin brother. That because, back during the 2016 political conventions, when Colbert had similarly emerged, if briefly, from his Celebrity-Suck-Up-Interviewing-At-CBS on-air self, and got back to the gasbag-ery he does best, it brought out lawyers.

Colbert reported on his show that CBS lawyers had heard from corporate lawyers  – he did not specify if they were from Comedy Central or its parent Viacom. Those lawyers gave CBS notice they thought Gasbag Colbert  was their intellectual property. Therefore, Actual Colbert had said on Late Show, “it is with a heavy heart that, thanks to corporate lawyers, the character of Stephen Colbert host of The Colbert Report will never be seen again.”

“What can I do?” Colbert said back then, when his studio audience erupted with outrage. “The lawyers have spoken. I cannot reasonably argue I own my face or name.”


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