‘A Dog’s Purpose’ Trailer Voice-Over Talent Anthony Mendez Joins Protest, Donates All Pay to ASPCA

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EXCLUSIVE: Both angered and saddened over the images of the now viral video of a German Shepard forced into rushing water and then later disappearing under water while shooting a scene for A Dog’s Purpose, the voice-over talent of the Spanish trailer for the film has also come forward in protest. Anthony Mendez, who is also the narrator for the award-winning show Jane the Virgin, told Deadline that after watching the video, he has decided to take the payment from his work on the trailer for the film and donate it all to the animal non-profit ASPCA.


Mendez said he had finished his voice-over for the Spanish-language trailer only about two to three weeks ago and then posted it online yesterday. “I posted it on social media and not even an hour later I was getting inundated with messages about the dog video.” He said he then watched the video, first in confusion, then in anger and then became overwhelmingly sad. “How could you look at that and not be affected?” He said the way the dog was handled bothered him to his core.


“I thought to myself, ‘How could I even take this money to advertise this film?’ There is just no way I can take the money. I decided in an instant to renew my ASPCA membership and give them the money.” He said he had three other reasons as well: “I am also trying to set an example for my kids who are eleven, ten and six. About a year ago, my family lost our 12 year-old Shiba Inu, Kiyoshi, and it devastated us all. I thought if someone put my dog in this situation, how would I have felt? They would have to had lock me up. There is no way I would have allowed that to happen, and I can’t believe anyone did.”

Will he and his family see the film? “When I was hired to narrate the Hispanic campaign, my kids were proud of me and felt even closer to the film. Now, I will speak to my children about the video and, as a family, we will make a collective decision about seeing it or not.”


This article was printed from https://deadline.com/2017/01/a-dogs-purpose-voice-over-anthony-mendez-protest-aspca-1201890139/