‘Last Week Tonight’ Promo: John Oliver Strut Thwarted By Larry David, ‘GoT’s Throne

Three days before Donald Trump is sworn in as our next president, HBO added to the depression of Never-Trump-ers with release of a promo for the fourth season of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, reminding it won’t be back on linear for Inauguration Weekend Sunday, and not until February 12.

Promo also serves to tout HBO’s Game of Thrones, Silicon Valley and the return of Larry David’s Curb Your Enthusiasm:

After being informed, “Sometime we don’t want a British man yelling at us about how the world is ending,” compliments of Silicon Valley, Oliver complains David has been off the air five years, when Voiceover Guy describes Curb as the HBO show “everyone’s been waiting for.”

“I’ve been busy – okay!” David grumbles.

Oliver responds: “What have you been doing?!”

Oliver took responsibility for Trump’s race to the White House two days before Election Day, and he devoted the entirety of his final Last Week Tonight of 2016 to the then-just-concluded presidential election. “Turns out instead of showing our daughters that they could some day be president, America proved that no grandpa is too racist to become leader of the free world,” Oliver noted, calling Trump “a human What Is Wrong With This Picture.”


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