Keegan-Michael Key On ‘Playing House’ & Voicing Presidential Anger – TCA

Mark Mann

Keegan-Michael Key welcomed TCA reporters to the set of USA’s Playing House to talk about the show’s upcoming third season, but the comic who gave voice to President Barack Obama’s angry side couldn’t ignore the GOP elephant standing around.

When asked whether he could offer the president-elect something similar to his “Luther, The Anger Translator” character, Key quipped, “He has Twitter for that.”

With just a few days left for Obama’s presidency, Key reflected on his own time during the now-fading era. “Who knew that when everything is said and done, that he was going to be such a fantastic straight man?”

“He is such an intelligent human being,” Key continued. “It was nice to have a real comedy fan in the White House. He will be sorely missed for so many reasons.”

And now? “We have this embarrassment of riches and we don’t really even know what to do with it.”

As for the TCA topic at hand, Playing House is inspired by the real-life friendship between stars/creators Lennon Parham and Jessica St. Clair, and follows the two best friends as they raise a child together. Key plays Mark Rodriguez, a childhood friend of the women.

Asked about his decision to stay with the show, Key said a forthcoming storyline was especially important “as I move, in my career, back to my roots, which is drama and classical work.”

“The thing about this show is that it allows me to go in every direction,” Key said. “I get to be this romantic lead and I get to be as wacky as we want. There’s a lot of room and colors for me to use on this canvas.”

Playing House was renewed for a third season in January 2016, but no word yet on a premiere date.



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