Cooking Competition Series Vomitous For Jacques Pepin & Alice Waters – TCA


Jacques Pepin and Alice Waters are not fans of cooking competition reality TV series. They did not mince words when asked about the programming trend during a TCA panel today to promote PBS’ American Masters series upcoming Chefs Flight series of four documentaries, debuting in May.

“It’s a disservice; it’s not what cooking is about,” Pepin said dismissively. “Confrontation you have there is not how you learn to cook or understand food.”

Scoffed Waters, “We’re teaching the kind of fast food values of our country in these competition shows…Cooking really is something that can be very meditative. And it’s never about competition. It’s about the pleasure of dealing with real food and having a competence…To put it in a competition place is to take away from the essence of cooking.”

Chefs Flight, four documentaries on iconic chefs, will premiere as part of American Masters‘ 31st season. New documentaries American Masters – James Beard: America’s First Foodie and American Masters: Jacques Pépin – The Art Of Craft will be paired with encore presentations of American Masters: Julia! America’s Favorite Chef and American Masters: Alice Waters And Her Delicious Revolution, respectively.

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