Bryan Cranston Talks ‘SuperMansion’ & His Love For Storytelling – TCA


In Crackle’s stop-motion animated series SuperMansion, Bryan Cranston stars as Titanium Rex, a character struggling to live with and fight alongside the Millennial-aged, often lackadaisical members of The League of Freedom. Cranston said his approach to the animated character was no different than that of a live-action one. “You have a guy whose past his prime and wants to still be relevant… that’s the underlying relatable theme,” he said during the show’s panel today at TCA.

Crackle's 'SuperMansion' Panel, TCA Winter Press Tour, Los Angeles, USA - 13 Jan 2017

Cranston, who shared that he’s at a point where he doesn’t have to work a day in his life, said that his motivation to work is his love for storytelling. “It moves me. I dream about it.” He admitted to not knowing what he makes on the show. “I honestly don’t have any idea of the amount,” adding, “I’m not money motivated at all.. its not to say I don’t appreciate money. I have agents and a lawyer that really love money,” he quipped.

When asked about the different platforms where content lives and if he takes that into consideration when picking projects, Cranston, who also executive produces SuperMansion, said he didn’t have a preference.”The landscape is constantly shifting. Whether it’s a platform like Crackle to tell a story… it really doesn’t matter as long as you can find a place that fits” and to have “the support from the network, and we do have that on Crackle… it doesn’t matter to me where it is as long as you get a chance to see it.”

SuperMansion returns for a second season on February 16 on Crackle.



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