From Russia With Grudge? C-SPAN Web Feed Hijacked By State-Run Russia Today

Screen grab; Timothy Burke via Twitter

That 400-pound guy sitting in his bed has struck again.

The state-run international TV station Russia Today overtook the online feed of C-SPAN, the public affairs network that broadcasts proceedings of both houses of Congress, for about 10 minutes today. The takeover interrupted coverage of political blather about the Securities and Exchange Commission Regulatory Accountability Act.

C-SPAN, master of understatement, say it is are “looking into it,” and a rep told reporters the network is “investigating and troubleshooting this occurrence” and, for the time being, is assuming it was an “internal routing” problem:

More cynical media outlets, however, suspected more Russian rannygazoo. Fortune, for instance, went with “C-SPAN confirms it was briefly hacked by a Russian news site.” IB Times opted for “Russia hacking US? C-SPAN live feed briefly taken over by Russia Today broadcast.”

And Deadline noted the hack happened at the exact same time FX’s Russian-spy drama The Americans, created by a former CIA officer, was appearing at TCA.

In the cable net’s defense, the C-SPAN/RT switcheroo came just hours after a power outage interrupted a Senate confirmation hearing for Kansas Rep. Mike Pompeo to head the CIA.

And, of course, today’s two incidents come as POTUS-elect Donald Trump has his undies in a bunch over press coverage of intelligence reports suggesting Russian hackers interfered with the presidential election. According to intelligence reports, Russia President Vladimir Putin was hands-on in the hacking campaign, involving emails of the DNC and Hillary Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta, that found their way to Wikileaks for sharing. U.S. intelligence honchos seem to agree that Russia wanted to nudge the election to go Trump’s way. Trump has suggested the hacks are as likely the work of 400-Pound Guy, working from His Bed.

No Trump tweet yet on the C-SPAN incident; also nothing from RT, as the Russian government-owned network is known.

Deadspin’s editor caught the latest nefarious activities :


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