Zach Galifianakis On ‘Baskets’ Collaborator Louis C.K. & Series’ Approach To Guest Stars – TCA


There are no immediate plans for Baskets co-creator Louis C.K. to guest star on the FX show he hatched with Zach Galifianakis and Jonathan Krisel.

“As far as guest starring, I would love it if Louis did it,” said Galifianakis via satellite at TCA today.

But overall, the stand-up comedian has an m.o. when it comes to assembling an ensemble on his show.

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Ben Cohen/FX

“In regards to guest stars overall [on Baskets], I didn’t want recognizable people on the show. It needed to look like the world. I like when there’s no so many known actors, plus I like to give other actors a chance.

“It would be great if Louis did the show,” he added. “We’d disguise him in a way.”

Krisel said there weren’t any plans for C.K. to direct any episodes. “What’s amazing about Louis in the writers room is that if you have an idea, he encourages you not to be scared, pull back and apologize. He encourages you to let it go to the fullest extent. He came into the room and pushed a lot of ideas further.”

Louie Anderson, who took a supporting actor comedy Emmy for his turn as the mother to Galifianakis’ Chip Baskets, said he relishes the trophy because “it makes people watch Baskets” — not to mention it’s great recognition for his mother, Anderson’s complete muse for the role.

“It’s her award,” he said. “I stole every nuance, glance, purse of the lips, all the nicks, tics, tick-tack knicks and all her butter,” said Anderson.

How has life changed after the Emmy win?

Says Anderson: “I’m very demanding now. I want everything my way.”

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