‘Making History’ Looks At The Lighter Side Of Time Travel – TCA


The creator of Fox’s Making History is not worried about all the other time-travel series across the primetime landscape because his is a comedy, Julius Sharpe told weary TV critics on the final Q&A of Fox’s time at TCA.

“We’re not dealing with serious implications,” he said.

On the other hand, they’re planning an episode in which they travel back in time and kidnap the cast of NBC’s Timeless and ABC’s Time After Time, joked cast member Yassir Lester.

The characters on Fox’s series do their time traveling in a large duffel bag because, Sharpe said, he did not want “to have to spend a lot of time at work dealing with this big orb.”

One of the sci-fi fan TV critics asked if the “butterfly effect” is not a big deal” on this series. “We barely watched the movie,” Lester cracked.

Some TV critics seemed surprised that Leighton Meester had taken a role in this series, given her credits. One asked her about that. “You’re from Breitbart,” shot back cast member Adam Pally, who asked every critic who asked a question if he or she was “fake news” or real.

Asked what is the most mind-blowing thing about 2017 to her Colonial-era character. “Pants. Separate tubes around my legs,” Meester said.

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