‘American Crime’ Season 3 Topic Chosen Irrespective Of Who Is In Oval Office, John Ridley Says – TCA


ABC anthology series American Crime will, in its third season, deal with undocumented workers and individual rights which, EP John Ridley insisted today, is not in reaction to the current national political stage.


“The issues that are out there, they’ve always been out there,” he said today at TCA. “This story would’ve been told irrespective of who’s in the Oval Office….This is not about tweaking or changing or trying to be oh-so-current that we miss the bigger picture and the longer game. Immigration is not new,” he said.

American Crime will return for eight episodes on March 12, with its ensemble cast that includes Felicity Huffman, Regina King, Timothy Hutton, Lili Taylor, Connor Jessup, Richard Cabral and Benito Martinez.

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