‘Twin Peaks’ Thespians On Returning To Work With David Lynch: “Magic” – TCA

Dan Steinberg/SHOWTIME

After David Lynch revealed zero spoilers to the TCA press corps today, some members of the upcoming Twin Peaks Showtime series took the stage as they were grilled about any speck of news.

“Magic” and “family” were the words used frequently by Kyle MacLachlan, Laura Dern, Robert Forster, Kimmy Robertson and Madchen Amick about the Twin Peaks reunion.

“I’m playing my very own character,” said Laura Dern dodging a question as to whether she would play Diane, Agent Dale Cooper’s secretary who he would always leaves messages for. MacLachlan pleasantly refused to offer up any indication on how the new series reconciles any cliffhangers left behind by the ABC 1990s show. In regards to what’s going on in this version of Twin Peaks, the best intel we received today was from Showtime president David Nevins who mentioned that the series centers around the odyssey of MacLachlan’s famed FBI Agent Dale Cooper character as he returns to Twin Peaks.

What some of the castemembers did discuss was a bit of Lynch’s absurdist process. Robert Forster, who also didn’t reveal who he was playing, mentioned that he kept getting a direction on Mulholland Drive to say his lines slower. After seeing the feature, which was morphed from a TV series, it all made sense to Forster: His cop character was in someone’s dream.

“He gives a breathe, a shrug of the shoulder or sigh,” said Dern on how Lynch directs his actors. Upon returning to work with Lynch, Dern, who previously starred in 2006’s Inland Empire, said the filmmaker’s process hasn’t “changed since day one. It’s always felt like family, it’s a very joyous, inventive place where you feel safe to be brave.” In fact, some of the actors today mentioned that after working with Lynch that they sometimes feel boxed in by the next director they work with.

In the Twin Peaks DVD MacLachlan describes the type of riddle-directions Lynch gives his actors. Once Lynch told a young MacLachlan on the set of the show “Give me some Elvis, a little wind.” Sharing with the press corps his first time working with Lynch on the director’s feature adaptation of Dune, MacLachlan said that “It was my first time before the camera, fresh out of training and I really didn’t know anything. David and I; we just had a shorthand for lack of a better word, when he wanted something from me, to try something different, there were words that would put me in a different frame of mind, and somehow I related to it. It’s a feeling more than anything else.”

“Sometime, we’ll do a take and I’ll walk over to him and we’ll just stand there quietly. Both of us are going through it (the process) and something will just pass between us,” says MacLachlan about the mystical process further adding, “I don’t have that with another director.”

There werent’ any trailers or film clips revealed at TCA today and Nevins was mum today about how and when they would be dropped prior to the series premiere on May 21 at 9PM. What we do know is that Twin Peaks will air in 18 week-to-week one hour episodes. Given how beloved Lynch is in France and how he’s presided over the Cannes Film Festival journey, will Twin Peaks make a premiere at the Croisette? Nevin said that there are “no plans.” There will be a global debut for Twin Peaks. 

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