Showtime Positioned For Donald Trump Presidency – TCA

Eric Charbonneau/AP Invision for SHOWTIME

Showtime is well positioned for the Donald Trump era, execs demonstrated today at TCA.

The premium network, which made headlines hosting Stephen Colbert’s buzzy election night special-cum-trainwreck, is mulling a weekly show Showtime Networks Inc President and CEO David Nevins said, when asked if he was contemplating doing something “John Oliver”-ish. And he spoke enthusiastically about his hope of revving back up The Circus after the success of the election-cycle docu-series. “It has big-time potential besides an election,” he said today at TCA.

Nevins – one of very few TV industry execs willing to get up on stage and take questions at TCA – got asked how a Trump White House would affect any political shows he has on the air now or “what you chose to put on the air in the future.”

“We have a lot of shows that are very political,” Nevins began to promote smoothly, noting Homeland reflects the political world, Billions is about power politics in New York City, “and we’re trying to figure out what our future is going to be with this franchise The Circus that has been so meaningful to us.” Meanwhile, the network’s documentaries “are increasingly political,” Nevins responded happily. So a Donald Trump administration “will be filtered through in a lot of ways,” he said.

Homeland went into production in August and was written in the months before that. However, Homeland deals with incomding administration and the transition period between administrations and deal with issue of trust and distrust between state and the new presidential leader. So it reflects that.”

Gary Levine, Showtime’s President of Programming, marveled at how “prescient” is Homeland creator/showrunner Alex Gansa, having conceived of a major plot through line in the spring about the ever-increasing distrust between the intelligence community and the president-elect. One TV critic, however noted the show’s POTUS-elect is female, but Nevins promised she is “not an avatar for Hillary Clinton” and some of her politics will be “more Bernie Sanders” and some “more Rand Paul.”

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