Golden Globes: Ramped Up Security Leading To Longer Waits

Deadline Hollywood

In the past, it used to be that there were two security checkpoints for Golden Globe attendees as they were shuttled from the parking lot off Santa Monica Blvd. to the Beverly Hilton.

Now there are four at the hotel depending on how one traverses the venue, and unlike other years, there’s also an FBI Bomb Tech squad outside keeping everyone safe.

On the red carpet, our social media correspondent Scott Shilstone reports that arrivals are harder to navigate than in previous years due to the heightened security.

It’s a security situation not unlike what we saw back in September at the Emmys where there were SWAT team members and armored trucks. You’ll remember that LAPD Chief Charlie Beck increased security around the Emmy’s Microsoft Theater following the September bombings that occurred in New York and New Jersey. The only thing missing today were the car inspections here at the Globes since mostly everyone but the stars park a mile away behind the Westfield center. Parking inspections are standard at the Emmys given how close the garages are to the Microsoft Theater.

More than today’s final BidenJam and the shooting that occurred at the Fort Lauderdale airport, the ratcheted-up security is just a sign of our current times.


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