‘Rogue One’ Rebels Reach $914M+ Global; China Debuts To $32M – Intl Box Office

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UPDATE, WRITETHRU with actuals after Sunday 2:58 PM PT post: With solid performances from the major titles at the international box office this frame, the session was up about 8% versus last year across the Top 10 films. Leading the charge again was that rag-tag band of rebels out to steal plans for the Death Star. Disney/Lucasfilm’s Rogue One: A Star Wars Story added $56.4M in the 4th frame, including $31.9M from China — nearly $1M more than estimated on Sunday — to lift the international cume to $436.9M for $914.1M global. The $1B mark is coming into clearer view.

Rogue‘s weekend repped a 23.6% hike on last frame (better than the 8.9% uptick on The Force Awakens’ 4th frame last year). That’s largely due to China. As noted in the breakdowns below, however, the start there is a bit softer than we’d have expected, particularly given the inclusion of local stars Donnie Yen and Jiang Wen. While their roles are indeed key and organically interwoven, it was also thought an extra benefit might be increased curiosity. The Star Wars franchise does not have the same nostalgia quotient in China as it does in other markets and Rogue One looks to have opened like less of an event than elsewhere. Of course, the market has also been in the doldrums for months — and then there’s the issue of dangerously high levels of pollution over the past few days.

It will be interesting to watch the mid-weeks on Rogue One in China. There are a couple weeks of play before big local pics rush back in as the Lunar New Year begins. Before that, Sony’s Passengers — presented in association with Wanda Pictures among others — lifts off in the Middle Kingdom on Friday.

That Chris Pratt/Jennifer Lawrence-starrer has gained momentum during its staggered release overseas and this weekend crossed $100M. Other notable performances in the post-holiday session — during which more kids were actually off from school than last year at this time — include Assassin’s Creed’s $46.4M score. The Fox release is quickly on its way past $100M offshore. Illumination and Universal’s Sing also continues to hit high notes with such majors as France, the UK and China still to come. And, in India, Aamir Khan’s Dangal is passing the the star’s previous film, PK, to become the all-time No. 1 Bollywood box office title in that market.

Breakdowns on all films reporting have been updated below the original post with Monday actuals included.

PREVIOUS, SUNDAY 9:03 AM PT: In another weekend dominated by the Rebel Alliance, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story locked down $56.4M overseas during the 4th frame. This lifts the global cume to $914.1M, overtaking Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice and The Secret Life Of Pets to notch the No. 5 spot on the list of 2016’s biggest worldwide releases. That means Disney now has the Top 5 films of 2016, led by Captain America: Civil War, Finding Dory, Zootopia and The Jungle Book.

The total weekend overseas was a 23.6% hike on last frame. For those keeping score, Star Wars: The Force Awakens‘ 4th frame was up by 8.9% over its 3rd last year. The offshore Rogue cume is now $436.9M.

This was a key international box office weekend for Jyn Erso and crew as they x-winged it into China with $31.9M across the three-day.

The China number — which landed Rogue at No. 1 with about 56% of the market — is 59% of what The Force Awakens opened to last year around this time. That pic, which kicked off the saga in earnest in the PROC, bowed in a two-day Saturday/Sunday frame. Rogue’s three-day China opening is similar to how it has fared versus TFA in the rest of the world. However, Rogue also boasts two local stars (Donnie Yen and Jiang Wen) in key roles which were expected to give it a boost in China.

Just as weather is having an effect on box office in the U.S., dangerously high pollution levels have kept people home in the past few days in China — and that doesn’t help an already sluggish box office that saw a screeching slowdown in growth in 2016.

In other China news, The Great Wall had a series of No. 1 openings as international rollout on the co-production continues via Universal. It’s now topped $160M in the Middle Kingdom with a $182.6M total offshore cume so far.

Elsewhere, Sony’s Passengers found plenty of company to grow again and cross $100M overseas. Illumination and Universal’s Sing has raised its international voice to the tune of $143.8M to date for a global total of $358.2M. And, Fox’s Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children is thisclose to $200M international with Japan still to come, while Assassin’s Creed is closing in on $100M.

There were no major studio wide releases overseas this frame. Breakdowns on the films above and more are have been updated below.


Disney/Lucasfilm’s standalone spinoff is now the No. 5 release of 2016 at the global box office with $914.1M. The Gareth Edwards-directed film added $56.4M this frame overseas to take the offshore cume to $436.9M. As noted above, the weekend jump was 23.6% versus last session with China leading the way. Star Wars: The Force Awakens last year had an 8.9% jump versus its previous frame, similarly when China joined the Rebel Alliance. Although the China start of $31.9M on Rogue is about 59% of what TFA launched to in that market, the overall weekend hold is another indication that Jyn Erso and the gang are playing less frontloaded than last year’s installment. It should hit $1B, midweeks this week will help determine when.

The China performance is slightly lower than we’d have expected, particularly given the inclusion of local stars Donnie Yen and Jiang Wen who have key roles in the film. But, as has been well-documented, the Star Wars franchise does not have the same nostalgia factor in China as it does elsewhere. The market overall is also experiencing growing pains with 2016 box office increasing just 3.7% versus the 48.7% hike it saw in 2015 when ticket subsidies helped offset costs for moviegoers. Another bugaboo this weekend was toxic smog that kept a lot of folks at home.

Still, there’s an argument to be made for the way in which Rogue One incorporates its Chinese characters. These are not shoe-horned parts, rather they feel organic and provide moments of humor, action and emotion.

Comping the China launch to Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them, likewise a spinoff of a major franchise, Rogue opened about 24% lower — although China’s history with the Wizarding World is much deeper.

Elsewhere, Rogue held especially well in Europe and Latin America. In the former, the overall drop for the region was 40% with increases in both Sweden (+22%) and Spain (+15%). Rogue maintained the No. 1 spot in Denmark, Finland, France and the UK.

In Latin America, play dipped 38%. Argentina rose 19%. In Asia, Japan also was No. 2 for the third consecutive weekend.

The Top 5 markets are the UK ($73.7M), Germany ($41.2M), France ($33.2M), Australia ($32M) and Japan ($31.4M).


20th Century Fox
The Fox release of the Michael Fassbender-starrer expanded to several majors this weekend and is already nearing $100M. With a $46.4M frame in 68 markets, the total is $98.6M. Russia was the top debut with $9.4M for No. 1 and coming in ahead of The Revenant (+16.5%) and Lucy (+65%). The UK was game for $6.8M at No. 1 including previews. Australia came in No. 5 with $4.6M including previews.

In Italy, the $3.7M start was good for No. 2 and has already surpassed the lifetimes of Warcraft and Edge Of Tomorrow. Justin Kurzel’s take on the Ubisoft title also took No. 1s in Mexico ($3.76M) and the Philippines ($1.2M).

France has cumed $12.85M to lead all markets while Germany has taken $8.7M. In Spain, the film which is heavily geared towards international, jumped 14% over last frame for a $6.4M total thus far. Seven new markets jump in the Animus next session including Korea.


Columbia Pictures
Adding 12 markets this weekend, Sony’s Passengers saw another frame of growth with $32.7M in 62 markets total. The holdover plays were down just 29%, taking the offshore cume to $104.6M ahead of bows in both China and Japan.

Presented in association with LStar Capital, Village Roadshow and Wanda Pictures, the Morten Tyldum-helmed space pic lifted off with $5.5M in Germany on 887 screens (including previews). The strong start is 65% bigger than Gravity, 27% above The Martian and 21% higher than Interstellar.

Latin America’s $4.5M as a region topped the above comps and was led by Brazil’s $3.2M on 652 screens.

In Asia, Korea bowed Wednesday to $3.5M on 550 screens (Japanese smash Your Name is leading that market). The Philippines took flight at No. 2 with $775K from 153 screens, 22% ahead of Gravity. India, currently led by Aamir Khan’s blockbuster Dangal, launched with $690K from 635 screens.

Russia saw a jump of 7% in its 3rd frame to earn $2.3M from 1,400 screens ($15.1M cume). Italy dipped just 2% for a $4.4M cume; and Spain increased 3% from opening to bring the cume to $4.9M. Australia’s first full weekend was $2.3M for a $5.7M cume with three weeks of school holidays ahead. In the UK, the total on the Chris Pratt/Jennifer Lawrence-starrer is $12.9M. China bows next weekend.


Universal Pictures
Illumination Entertainment and Universal’s Sing crossed $200M at the domestic box office this weekend, and is whistling a happy tune offshore where it added $26.8M in 60 territories. The overseas total is $143.8M for $358.2M global. Italy was the top opener this weekend with $4M including previews and is performing at the same level as Frozen.

Argentina bowed No. 1 with $2M for the 2nd best summer start (it’s summer there) behind Zootopia which opened last February. Poland was also No. 1 with $1.5M at 159 dates. Australia has jumped to No. 1 in the 2nd frame with a total $12.8M to date.

In the Netherlands, Sing continues to swing at No. 1 for a total $7M. The Germany cume is $16.7M, Spain’s is $12.4M, Mexico has $10.5M and Brazil now boasts $8.9M. Five majors are to come: France, the UK, Russia, Japan and China.


In her 7th weekend navigating international waters, Disney’s Moana reeled in another $21M for a total offshore of $225.8M in 38 material markets. The like-for-like territory drop-off this weekend was 39% across all of international.

New lands included Brazil with $4.6M to rep the biggest opening ever for a Disney Animation or Pixar title. In holds, Moana rose by 41% in Austria, 31% in the Netherlands and 3% in Spain. She was also No. 1 again in New Zealand for a $3.1M that makes the film already the 3rd highest ever Disney Animation release after just 14 days. Korea, Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan are all still to open.

France is closing in on China as the top offshore market with $31.8M. The film is expected to be the No. 1 movie of 2016 there.


Legendary and Universal’s Matt Damon-starrer opened in 12 more territories this weekend for a total of 19 in release through Universal. The Uni weekend is $8.3M for a total of $17.9M. Combined with China, where Zhang Yimou’s period fantasy is being released by Legendary East, the weekend total is $11.2M in 19 territories for an international total of $182.6M.

After a solid international start last frame outside China, the film continues to find No. 1 bows in several plays. Those include Indonesia ($2M/230 dates) where it opened at the same level as Godzilla and ahead of Warcraft; Hungary ($371K/54); the Middle East ($924K); and the UAE ($1.1M). Czech Republic and Egypt also had good No.1 openings.

France and Germany notably open next frame.


The Will Smith drama from Warner Bros penned in another $7.2M from 2,843 screens in 47 territories. In holdover markets, the drop was just 33% to bring the offshore cume to $30.4M. Italy grossed $3.6M at open with the best per-screen average among the Top 5 titles. It topped all comps, but came in behind Smith-starrers The Pursuit Of Happyness and Seven Pounds, both of which were directed by Italy’s Gabriele Muccino. Mexico leads cumes with $5.1M, followed by Italy, Russia ($3.1M), Spain ($3.1M/+22% from last frame) and the UK ($2.4M). Australia, Germany and Brazil have dates with Collateral Beauty throughout January.


20th Century Fox
The Fox comedy starring Bryan Cranston and James Franco added another $6.3M in 48 markets for a $25.8M international cume. Hong Kong ($610K) opened No. 1 to top Neighbors by 32% and the lifetime of Daddy’s Home. Argentina ($374K) also beat those comps by 54% and 6%, respectively. Australia leads cumes at $5.8M, followed by the UK at $4.9M. Germany, Russia and Spain are on deck next frame.


Warner Bros.
As it continues play throughout the post-holiday period, Warner Bros’ spinoff notably has surpassed the lifetime of Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 1 in the UK in local currency. The dollar gross there is $66.1M and the pound has of course seen a big drop in the past six months since the Brexit vote. The full offshore weekend was $6.2M on 3,124 screens in 53 markets. The international cume is now $567M.

Paramount’s Chris Wedge-helmed adventure put another $5.6M in the engine this frame from 10 markets. The international cume is now $9.3M. Russia was the top opener with $2.5M and Mexico picked up $1.2M. Australia is up next on January 12, followed by Germany and Brazil.


Sebastian (Ryan Gosling) and Mia (Emma Stone) in LA LA LAND.
Lionsgate’s Damien Chazelle-helmed charmer tickled the ivories to the tune of another $3.96M in 38 overseas markets this frame. The early cume is $34.7M. Korea continues to lead, now with $19.5M to become Lionsgate’s No. 2 movie in that market ever. Germany, Russia, the UK and Spain are on deck next weekend.

JA Bayona’s childhood drama called up another $1.6M in 16 markets this frame for an international total of $34M. Universal previously released in Spain where it is the No. 1 movie of 2016 with $29.5M. The UK launched on New Year’s Day to bring in $2.3M for the 8-day session. Mexico is next on January 20 as rollout continues.


Jake Gyllenhaal, Michael Shannon, Tom Ford - Nocturnal Animals.jpeg
Merrick Morton/Focus Features
With an international weekend of $1.6M in 30 territories, Tom Ford’s thriller opened in France as the best new launch with $687K at 180 dates and the best per-screen average. The offshore total is now $15.4M for a $25.8M global cume. Other totals include Germany’s $1M, Brazil’s $384K and Mexico’s $304K. Korea, Belgium and Israel join the story next weekend.

Allied (PAR): $3.4M intl weekend (33 markets); $52.4M intl weekend
Resident Evil: The Final Chapter (SNY): $2.4M intl weekend (Japan only, No. 1 for 3 weeks); $27.3M intl cume
Hacksaw Ridge (var): $2.2M intl weekend (18 markets); $83.9M intl cume
Snow Queen 3 (UNI): $1.4M intl weekend (Russia only); $4.2M intl cume
Trolls (FOX): $868K intl weekend (30 markets); $185.5M intl cume
Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children (FOX): $619K intl weekend (3 markets); $199.6M intl cume


In notable openings, Italian hitmaster Alessandro Siani returned to the top of the local box office with Mister Felicita. The mistaken identity comedy grossed $2.97M over the FSS for a $7.13M cume after opening on Sunday January 1. The Cattleya title joins Siani’s other major credits like Si Accetano Miarcoli, Il Principe Abusivo, Welcome To The North and Welcome To The South.

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