‘Please Like Me’ Creator/Star Josh Thomas Not Happy To Hear You Binge Watched – TCA


Please Like Me star Josh Thomas, attending his first TCA since Participant Media killed his show’s first home, Pivot network (Hulu picked up the fourth season, premiering today, January 7) confided that TCA’s make him nervous. That’s because the first one he attended was on the occasion of Pivot’s launch and he was on a panel with other network stars, including Meghan McCain and some gang members, he said.

“You put up your hand up [to ask a question] and go, like ‘Fuck you’,” and that was very difficult,” he told TV critics, describing the horror. He acknowledged that, more accurately, the TV critics at that TCA were “explaining why Pivot was a bad idea.”

“Congratulations,” he quipped.

One critic asked Thomas how he heard of Pivot’s passing, and what impact it had had on his show. “When the people who give you money to make the show stop existing, where are you going to get the money from?” he answered, practically. Thomas said he learned of its demise the day it was announced, “but we had a sense” in advance that it was a goner.

Please Like Me is based on Thomas’ life, only not so much these days, because he’s spent the last four years making a TV show, which he says he can’t put into the series.

Asked what’s in store for Season 4, Thomas answered, “I get up, and try not to hurt anyone’s feelings,” adding, “it’s a lot of small stories.”

Another TV critic took a stab, asking Thomas that old standby: “How have you changed and evolved” over the show’s run. “I mostly notice my weight fluctuations,” he answered.  “I’m like Oprah; I get big and small.”

He hates when fans tell him they just watched all four seasons in two days. “I’m like, ‘F*ck! That took me five years!'”

Please Like Me is a Pigeon Fancier and John & Josh International Production, produced in association with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

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