Hulu’s ‘Casual’ Tease New Season, Talk Weird Sibling Love & New Dating Age — TCA


At TCA today, Casual creator/EP Zander Lehmann teased that the new season will have more comedy, episodes and more on Nyasha Hatendi’s Leon.  “This year we may try to go a little more comedic and maybe have a couple of standalone episodes. We always want to be evolving. Every season I think ‘can we be 10% different that the season before’. We don’t write specifically for longevity, we just trying to tell the story in the most truthful was possible.”

Hulu’s comedy-drama explores this highly co-dependent relationship between single mother Valeria and her brother Alex, which, at times, can boarder line on creepy,  like Alex appearing in Valerie’s sex dream.  Lehmann described the show as “weirdly a love story of people who cannot have sexual love.”

“You root for the two of them to be together in the sense that they should be happy together and they should be living fulfilling lives with each other in their lives,” He continued, “You don’t want to cross too far into the world of strange and sexual because…It’s gross. I love the two of them together. I can feel all the chemistry and all of the love without the sexual tension.”

An ongoing theme of the show deals with the new age of dating,  specifically involving online and social media dating,  which star Michaela Watkins attributes to the disconnecitivty of today’s society. Her co-star Tommy Dewey agreed.  “It has its effects to reducing relationships to a criteria. In the olden days, you’d meet for coffee and just get a vibe. Going into it, you already got your cheat sheet and certain boxes are checked so it makes a math problem out of something that used to be artful.”

The 13 episodes of season 3 will be available to stream May 23.



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